Cisco Aspire Learning Objectives

Students who play the Cisco® Aspire game will be challenged to apply and practice the business and financial skills introduced in the case studies within a fun, simulated networking environment. Students will gain skills enabling them to complete the following tasks

Aspire Networking Game Edition Dwonload (Size : 270 MB)

Aspire H264 mov

Aspire NetAcad-LowRes mov

  • Select a business strategy based on personal objectives
  • Choose products and services to offer to customers such as maintenance contracts and reconditioned equipment
  • Define target market and choose different types of advertising media
  • Select an Internet service provider based on requirements
  • Make budgeting decisions based on social criteria (charitable contributions, offering free services, etc.)
  • Take advantage of opportunities and bonus contracts
  • Start a business
  • Adjust to changing business conditions and react to customer demands
  • Manage business resources such as inventory and cash flow

  • Identify application layer protocols that enable specific user applications (DNS, HTTP, SMTP, FTP)
  • Cable an Ethernet network consisting of a Linksys device, PCs, hubs, and printers
  • Assign IP addresses in a classed network environment with no subnets
  • Add wireless capabilities to a Linksys network
  • Secure a wireless network using a Linksys device and Windows clients
  • Troubleshoot wireless client configuration errors and basic wireless security
  • Troubleshoot default gateway settings
  • Troubleshoot classed network subnet mask settings
  • Identify collision and broadcast domains
  • Troubleshoot network client configurations
  • Select correct switch or router based on requirements
  • Add options to a switch or router (interface cards)
  • Connect Cisco switches and routers in a single router, multiple network configuration
  • Configure RIPv2 between subnets
  • Troubleshoot Ethernet, wireless, and serial connectivity in a single router LAN
  • Troubleshoot subnet mask errors in fixed-length subnets
  • Subnet a network using fixed-length subnets to meet addressing requirements
  • Troubleshoot Layer 2 problems in a point-to-point serial leased line connection